How to plant a grape tree

Cultivation of grape vines

The process of planting grape vines is carried out by following the following steps:

For the cultivation process, soak the roots of the vines for about 3 or 4 hours in water.

All small twigs are removed while retaining the most powerful twig, in addition to pruning the roots in order to get rid of long or broken roots.

Prepare the planting pit so that it is large enough and allows the root system of the grapes to spread.

The vine is planted in the hole so that the bud on the bottom is above the soil surface.

Dust the hole to cover the roots completely.

After planting, care must be taken to regularly water the grape vines during the first year, in order to further stabilize the roots and enhance their strength.

Grape fertilization

Grapes need to be fertilized sparingly, due to the fact that excessive fertilization and feeding cause more problems to grapes than problems resulting from poor nutrition, it is recommended that you continue fertilizing during the first two years of planting so that it is supplied with the equivalent of 14-28 g of nitrogen During the first year of cultivation, while the amount is increased to range between 28-42.5 g of nitrogen, and the required amount is determined depending on the degree of soil fertility, and it is taken into account during fertilization that the fertilizer is distributed around the trunk in the form of a circle away from it between 15-45 cm and not On the stem directly or even concentrating in one place near the planted grape vine.

grape harvest

The process of harvesting the grapes can be started after tasting it and examining its maturity and readiness for picking. Storing and keeping it in the refrigerator, and it is worth noting that grapes can be stored in the refrigerator for about two weeks before they spoil.

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